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The Philosophy of the Ultimate Guide:

We at the Canon DV Guide believe in education and experience. We feel that the best way for you to make the kinds of videos you want to make you need to know how to use your camcorder to your best advantage.  So we came up with a reasonably priced product that explains all aspects of the camera, and doesn't preach or talk down to you. We've also used the advantages of the DVD technology to deliver a product that is extremely easy to use. Some of the information in the DVD will not be new to owners of the cameras, but we made the Guide comprehensive that everyone who sees the DVD always finds out something new about the camera they think they already know.

You've probably seen many training guides that promise to make you a 'world class' cinematographer in an hour, or perhaps they want to teach you everything there is to know about film lighting on one DVD . Most of these video training courses also cost a tremendous amount of money - arguing that you're paying for the knowledge not the DVD. We don't want to refute the claims of anyone else's products but we had more humble designs in mind. We wanted to provide a product that would make you familiar with every aspect of your Canon Camcorder so that you can get out there and use the camera to get the kind of footage you want. So that that camera does not stand in the way of your creativity but allows you to use it as a tool and allows you to get as much out of this tool as possible. We also wanted to make this information available to as many people as possible for as little money as possible. When we first showed the Ultimate Guide to the XL1s (our first product) to several distributors they wanted to charge $79.99 dollars for it, simply because that's what similar training DVDs sell for on the market. We felt this would limit the audience and especially cut out students who need this information the most and who don't have a ton of money to spend. In the end we decided to do this our way; we put together what we feel is a great product that quickly and easily gives you the information you need to use your camcorders to make the kind of videos and films you want and we provide this to you at a price you can afford and we can still make a little money on.


The DVDs feature easy to navigate menus that break down each teaching segment into an easy to find and easy to review section. Each button on the camera, each function in the menu has it’s own section on the DVD. You can also watch the entire presentation from start to finish. It’s organized in a straight forward easy to understand fashion and presented in simple language so that everyone from beginners to professionals will get a tremendous amount of information from these Guides.

About Greg Salman  

Most of our DVDs are presented by Greg Salman, a camera man and cinematographer, who’s been using Canon video cameras for over six years to shoot television, commercials, Digital Features, and has been doing training seminars and presentations around the country on using the Canon Camcorders, like the XL1s, the GL2, and now the XL2,  to shoot everything from Corporate Videos to digital feature-length movies.

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