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 - "Thanks very much for this DVD. I've owned an XL1s for over a year, and now thanks to this DVD I'm starting to use a lot of the modes and menus that I was afraid to touch before."  - Nathan P., NY

- "Great DVD. I love the chaptering, that's made it possible for me to review a couple of sections that I needed help with several times and now I feel like I really understand 'em."  - Angela C., AZ

- "I couldn't believe I got the disc so fast! Thanks. Now I really see what my GL2 can do. I should have bought this with the camera!" - Anthony D., CA

- "Greg is a great presenter, I went to a presentation he did in Denver a year ago and when the disc came out I couldn't wait to get it. He makes it easy to understand all the different modes and functions of the camera, I'm so glad I can pop the disk in anytime to review the stuff I'm rusty on." - Louise P., CO

- "Great XL1s DVD. Can't wait for the XL2 one - I'm going to buy that before I buy the camera!" - Stanley S., CA

- "I got the GL2 DVD cause we have them at school, and we didn't spend enough time on them with the teacher, but with this disk I feel like I cheated! I knew more about the camera than the teacher himself. " - Dan T., CA

- "I love the visual examples on the DVD, that really brings the stuff home. Where was this DVD when I was going to school?" - Andrew W., NY

- " I thought I knew my XL1s camera pretty well after 2 years, but I'm more glad that didn't stop me from spending the money to get the XL1s DVD - I learned more in watching that 2 hour DVD than I had in the previous two years using the camera. It really made me go out and play around with stuff I'd never used and I got the camera to look like I never have. Thanks a million." - Reed S., OH

- "I was worried that there would not be enough information that I could use in Europe for my PAL XL2... but I was happy to find out that everything on the DVD was extremely helpful and applied in every way to my camera. Thank you very much." - Jens K., Germany

- "I've been looking for something to help me with the XL2 we got at work, I have to admit I just couldn't get through the manual after three attempts. Thank God for this disc. I've watched it twice and keep it at work since it's a great reference tool. You probably saved my job." - Betty D., NC

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