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XL2 CoverThe Canon XL2
The Canon XL2 is the THE definitive SD (standard definition) camcorder, probably the last one anyone will make or buy. With native 16x9 progressive CCDs, real 24p recording and interchangeable lenses it is the most versatile camcorder on the market that is not High Def.  Superb image quality and maximum flexibility to control the look of your image via five pages of menus make this one of the more customizable SD camcorders still available. Given all the possibilities of the camera you can shoot practically anything with this camcorder from feature films to superb home videos - as many people have. The DVD will show you all aspects of the camera, familiarize you with menus and buttons to allow you to get the most out of your camcorder.

Ultimate Guide to the Canon XL2 DVD is over 99 minutes of comprehensive information, tips, tricks and techniques that will help you understand how to get the most out of your Canon camera. The information is presented in a straight forward, easy to understand manner that is useful to experienced camera operators and easy enough to understand for beginning camera operators. The best part is having the information on DVD allows you to review it at your leisure.

Contents of The Ultimate Guide to the Canon XL2 DVD:

Each Bold heading below refers to a Menu Page on the DVD. Each subheading below refers to a chapter title on the DVD. So each of the subjects below is accessible easily for review purposes with the click of a few buttons. The entire presentation can also be seen from start to finish as one long video.

Main Menu

20x AF-IS Lens

-New 20x AF-IS Lens
-ND Filters
-Image Stablization
-Position Preset AF/M
-Filter Size/Lens Mount
-Auto Focus Lens
-Shipping the XL2
-Changing Lenses

Other Lenses

-16x AF-IS Lens
-16x Manual Servo Lens
-3x AF Wide Lens


-About the Menu System
-Time Code
-Camera Setup
-Custom Presets
-VCR Setup
-Audio Setup
-Display Setup System


Camera Body 

-Zoom Grip
-Zoom Controller/Scroll Wheel/Zoom Grip
-Start-Stop Button/Litihium Ion Battery
-Tape Transport -Mechanism/Battery Compartment
-Video In/Out
-Audio In/Out
-Shoulder Pad/XLR Inputs
-DV/LANC Connection/Headphone Jack
-VCR Controls
-Zoom Handle/Start-Stop Button/Lock Button
-Advanced Accessory Shoe/MA-300/VL-3 Light
-Built-in Microphone
-Black and White Viewfinder
-EVF Display/Custom -Keys/Custom Present Keys
-Audio Controls/4-Channel Audio Recording
-Image Controls – Gain Settings
-Image Controls – White Balance
-Standby/Shutter Controls
-Iris/Set Button
-Record/Search Buttons/ Colors Bars/Film Grain
-Aspect Ratio
-Frame Rate
-End Search/Audio Monitor Button
-Modes Dial LCD
-Modes Dial
-Lens Release
-Exposure Lock Button


-How Modes Work
-Auto Mode
-Time Value (TV) Mode
-Aperture Value (AV) Mode
-Manual Mode
-Spotlight Mode
-Low Light Mode
-Green Box Mode
-Gain Control
-Auto Exposure Shift
-VCR Mode/External Control Mode
-Understanding Your Display
-TA-100 Quick Release Plate


-MiniDV Format
-Unlocked Vs. Locked Audio
-Re-Recording on MiniDV Tapes
-Depth of Field
-Shutter Speed/Slo-Mo/Fast-Mo
-Unpacking and Assembly
-Lithium Ion Battery
-XL2 Lenses Focal Length Chart


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